Nicholas J. Wasylik Award

Nicholas J. Wasylik came to Lake Forest in 1958 and was Athletic Director from 1959 to 1973.  He also coached the football and baseball teams and was an assistant professor of physical education. While at the College, he introduced both the ice hockey and soccer programs. He was also instrumental in the construction of the Sports Center and the conversion of the field house to a hockey arena.

In addition to his contributions to the College, Wasylik's civic leadership and accomplishments were equally noteworthy. His contributions to the developmentally disabled were especially significant. The Alumni Association at Ohio State University, his alma mater, to award him its highest honor, the Citizenship Award, which recognizes Alumni who have done service beyond the call of duty.

Wasylik was inducted into the Lake Forest College Athletic Hall of Fame in 1979 and the Ohio State University Varsity "O" Hall of Fame in 2003. He passed away on December 4, 2004.

The Nicholas J. Wasylik Senior Athletic Award was created and endowed in 1983 by Seymour H. Knox IV, a Lake Forest College graduate of the Class of 1979. The award is presented to the senior athlete who best emulates the positive, outgoing attitude as well as the drive and determination of Nicholas J. Wasylik. The recipient is chosen by the Director of Athletics, in consultation with the members of the Athletic Department. 

2019 Amy Budde, Hockey
2018 Davis DeKorte, Golf/Hockey
2017 Virgil Thomas, Swimming & Diving
2016 Melissa Paluch, Hockey
2015 Joey Kropp, Football
2014 Jordan Gipson, Basketball
2013 Liz Radtke, Basketball
2012 Luke Butts, Football
2011 Tyler Gross, Hockey
2010 Jaron Eanes, Football
2009 Katie Rice, Soccer
2008 Maggie Rezac, Swimming & Diving
2007 Ashley Brant, Cross Country
2006 Melissa Wegner, Softball
2005 Kristen Fink, Soccer/Basketball
2004 Tony Bertuca, Football
2003 Robyn Slater, Hockey/Softball/Tennis
2002 Jamie Irons, Tennis
2001 Kim Magee, Softball/Basketball
2000 Mary Gerke, Volleyball/Handball
1999 Renee Bojrab, Tennis
Michelle Kramer, Basketball
1998 Jessica Wiehrdt, Soccer/Basketball
1997 Lindsey Kabat, Soccer/Basketball
1996 T.R. Bell, Soccer/Hockey
1995 Jeff Johnson, Swimming & Diving
1994 Patti Timmerman, Volleyball/Basketball
1993 Anne Bennett, Basketball/Soccer
1992 Dan Bracken, Soccer
1991 Frank Salvoni, Hockey/Soccer
1990 Rick Hirsch, Basketball
1989 Eve Alexander, Volleyball/Softball
1988 Suzi Hirsch, Basketball
1987 Tim Bernero, Basketball
1986 Ralph Kunzmann, Hockey/Soccer
1985 Cathie Griffin, Handball
1984 Larry Kucharski, Basketball
1983 Dan Moriarty, Hockey