Danny Sotos Competes In Global Sports Academy Goodwill Tour

Danny Sotos Competes In Global Sports Academy Goodwill Tour

After taking his basketball career overseas, rising senior and member of the men's basketball team Danny Sotos recently returned from competing in a Global Sports Academy Goodwill Tour, which was held May 23-30.

Global Sports Academy is an organization that provides international athletic competition opportunities to athletes playing at all levels.  The organization’s goal is to “Promote International Goodwill” through athletic participation, cultural events, community service projects, and historical education. Currently the organization provides these opportunities for twelve different sports and allows athletes to compete in twenty-five different countries.

Sotos was selected by the Bucknell assistant coach, Joe Meehan, to compete for the Global Sports Academy Team this past May. Meehan, who served as the head coach for the Goodwill Tour, recruited Danny while simultaneously recruiting his younger brother, Jimmy, who played alongside Danny throughout the trip.  

"Danny is an extremely tough player, with great attention to detail. He is tremendous for those small but important things that don’t always show up in the box score. Yet, he can be a scoring threat from multiple areas on the court when needed.  He's what every coach wants in a player," said Coach Meehan on Sotos playing ability.

Danny had help in making this trip a winning one. The team, consisting of athletes from different NCAA divisions and institutions, traveled to Belgium, Germany and Holland, where they competed in five games against foreign teams. Global Sports Academy returned to the States with a record of 3-2, and some impossible to forget memories and friendships.

When asked what the best part of the experiences was, Sotos responded, “We got really lucky with the group of guys that went over there. They were all really cool and we had a lot of fun together.” In their off time, the team was able to tour different major cities in each country, learning about each one’s history and experiencing different aspects of their cultures.

As he continues on with the Lake Forest College Men’s Basketball team in the 2018-2019 school year, Sotos looks to use the lessons he learned from playing internationally to help lead the Foresters to another successful season.  

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