Lake Forest College Student-Athletes: Winning in the Community

Lake Forest College Student-Athletes: Winning in the Community

The Lake Forest College athletic department takes great pride in helping student-athletes reach their full potential in not just the classroom and in competition, but also in the community. Students, coaches and staff alike contribute to the department’s proud “Tradition of Excellence” through their dedication to serving others on campus and in the surrounding communities.

During the 2016-2017 school year, the student-athlete body which is comprised of approximately 380 students, totaled an impressive 6,850 hours of community service. This means that on average, each student performed 18 hours of service. What is equally impressive is the fact that more than half of the student-athlete population attended the majority of events held throughout the year.

The two largest areas of volunteerism occurred during the College’s Relay for Life initiatives and the Special Olympics Aquatics Meet, both of which are held annually and continue to be a point of pride for Director of Athletics, Jackie Slaats. “I could not be more proud of the amount of time and energy our students put forth in helping others. They are such great ambassadors in the community and around campus.” Student-athletes accumulated over 2,000 hours of service to support Relay For Life efforts and totaled around 1,000 hours at the Special Olympics Aquatics Meet.

Head volleyball coach and athletic council advisor Heather Noll is one of many staff members who coordinate community service events and volunteers her time for the betterment of others. “I am very proud of how involved our student-athletes are. It is an important part of the culture here at Lake Forest College to always give back.”

Forester student-athletes have consistently averaged 7,000 hours of community service the last three academic years. Each year this trend is achieved because student-athletes dedicate themselves to giving back and realize the importance in helping those around them!