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Nov 11, 2017 : Football
33 Chicago
13 Lake Forest
MWC Championship Week
Nov 04, 2017 : Football
28 Lake Forest
21 at Illinois Col.
Oct 28, 2017 : Football
42 Monmouth
7 Lake Forest
Senior Day/Parents Day
Oct 21, 2017 : Football
6 Grinnell
70 Lake Forest
Oct 14, 2017 : Football
56 Lake Forest
28 at Cornell
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Foresters Helping ForestersOne tradition at Lake Forest College that is held in high regard is the tradition of giving back and helping others. One Forester who depicts this tradition perfectly is women’s basketball alumna Danielle Canulli ’15. Canulli found her way to a career at Discovery Communications through the Forester network and then, via the Forester Game Plan, played a role in the hiring of Lake Forest College alumni soccer players Tim Mourikes ’16 and Bjorn Trail-Johnson ’17.Read MoreForester Features