2013-14 Club Sports Flyer

Aikido Fall/Spring Madeleine Delforge '15
Archery Fall/Spring Noah Norton '15
Jesse Rocha '16
Cheerleading Fall/Spring Brittany McCray '16
Dance Fall/Spring Vaughn Richardson '16
Maria Naumann '16
Fencing Fall/Spring Patrick Pastor '17
Golf (Men) Spring  Brian Bruha (847-735-5293)
Golf (Women) Fall/Spring Tamlyn Tills (847-735-6082)
Karate Fall/Spring Michael Raymond (847-735-5286)
Lacrosse (Men) Spring  Jim Catanzaro (847-735-6137)
Lacrosse (Women) Spring Jim Catanzaro (847-735-6137)
Poms Fall/Spring Carley Zylstra '14
Lara Winkler '16
Equestrian Fall/Spring Lauren Tobin '14
Jennifer Aguirre '15
Rugby (Men)
Spring Jake Julius '14
Phil Rindom '15
Rugby (Women)
Spring Matalyn Moustakis ’14
Neda Chagleva ’14
Sailing Fall Scott Schappe (847-735-5166)
Spring Dan Simpson (847-735-6142)
Ultimate Frisbee
Fall/Spring Jonathan Walsh ’15
Water Polo
Spring Brock Mone '15

Why Club Sports?
The purpose of the Lake Forest College Club Sports program is to provide opportunities for all Lake Forest students to be physically active and competitive. The members of the Athletic Department believe that involvement in a group or team situation enhances a student's overall education while at the College. Club Sports are offered, therefore, as a means for students to learn teamwork, commitment, communication skills and time management, while developing the skills and enjoying the competitiveness of a particular sport or activity.

What is a Club Sport?

A Club Sport is a recognized group of students voluntarily organized for the purpose of furthering their common interests in a particular sport activity through participation and/or competition at an intercollegiate level.  Recognized Club Sports have use of Lake Forest College facilities, vehicles, and credit.  Club Sports are a division of the Athletic Department as opposed to general student interest clubs which are managed by the Office of Leadership and Community Involvement (LCI).

Who can get involved?
Students of all talent and experience levels are eligible and encouraged to participate. The Performance Groups are currently the only teams that have tryouts and make cuts. Please visit the sport page if you are interested in learning more about a particular club. All club sports are student-initiated and managed, all competitive and contact sports are required to have an adult advisor.

How can I get invloved?
Lake Forest College students: Attend the Involvement Fair sponsored by the Office of Leadership and Community Involvement (LCI) during the first week of each semester to complete an interest form. Visit the sport page of your interest and it will have personalized information on how to join and who to contact. Many clubs advertise in the cafeteria, so look for information about meetings and how to get involved. You may also contact Coordinator of Club Sports, Michael Raymond (847-735-5286), whether you're interested in participating in an existing club sport or the possibility of starting a new one. 

Incoming first-year students: You don't need to do anything until you get to campus. Once on campus, you may complete an interest form at the Involvement Fair sponsored by the Office of Leadership and Community Involvement (LCI) during the first week of each semester. Look for advertisements posted in the cafeteria by members of various clubs. You may also contact the Coordinator of  Club Sports, Michael Raymond (847-735-5286). 

What is offered?
Offerings vary from year to year because the success and level of activity of each club is heavily dependent on the student coordinator's organizational skills and on student interest and commitment.

What time commitment is necessary?
It depends on the club. Members of each club decide how many times they will practice or meet each week. Student coordinators work with the Director of Club Sports to determine how many contests will be played. Most clubs that compete against other clubs and colleges practice twice a week and have one contest per week during their season. Clubs that provide instruction generally meet once or twice per week.

Does it cost money to participate?
Club sports pays for officials, tournament entry fees, league dues, transportation to contests or events and some equipment. Some clubs do require member dues, and participants in some clubs incur minimal expenses for equipment. There is a club sport fee for each club. Please visit the pages below to learn more.

Club Sport Manual: If you are a current Club Sport Coach/Advisor or Captain or interested in starting your own club, the CLUB SPORTS MANUAL has all of the information needed to help your team be successful. As a recognized Club Sport you are expected to follow all policies and to submit all paperwork on time. If you ever have any questions, please contact the Director listed above.

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