Lake Forest College Athletic Council

2018 Athletic Council Executive Board: 

Amu Budde '19, President
Jacque Rogers '20, Vice President
Connor Duncan '20, Treasurer
Kasey Kraus '19, Secretary
Leeza Bodnar '20, Social Media Coordinator

Athletic Council Mission Statement

The Athletic Council was designed to develop leadership skills of students with a special interest in athletics.  The main focus of the council is to increase school spirit and athletic support throughout the college community.  In addition, the council will serve as an advisory committee to the athletic department. (The mission statement is in the process of being revised).

Athletic Council Events

Homecoming Pep Rally, Homecoming Volleyball Tournament, Food Drive, Toy Drive, Winterfest (Broomball, Sled Hockey), Fanatic Events (Forester Fridays, Events at Athletic Competitions (blackout, red out, activities during breaks, etc.).

Upcoming Athletic Council (FANATIC) events:

Coming soon.


Heather Noll, Head Volleyball Coach and Advisor, 847-735-5295,
Pat Kelliher, Head Men's Hockey Coach and Advisor, 847-735-5294,
Landon Longfield, President,