A Record-Breaking Number of Student-Athletes Invited To 2018 A-Team Dinner

A Record-Breaking Number of Student-Athletes Invited To 2018 A-Team Dinner

On Thursday, April 19, Lake Forest College President Steve Schutt and Director of Athletics Jackie Slaats hosted a dinner at Glen Rowan House to recognize this year’s “A-Team” honorees. The A-Team is comprised of student-athletes who received straight A’s in either the 2017 fall or spring semesters.

A record-breaking 82 student-athletes were invited, compared to last year’s 66 honorees. For the second straight year, men’s hockey led the dinner with an impressive number of 16 attendees, which makes up 57% of the team.

Senior and captain of the men's hockey team, Shawn Nelson, mentioned that, "I think having the largest number of members is a testament to the culture we have established as a team. Since my first day on campus four years ago it was made clear to me that academics come first and the upper classmen were always pushing the younger guys to do the best in class."

Nelson goes on to say that, "as a senior and captain, I’ve been trying to reiterate the same message that first and foremost we are here to get a great education while at the same time playing the sport we love."

Following men’s hockey, football recorded the next-highest number with ten attendees and then softball and women’s hockey with seven each.

When looking at the breakdown in majors, 27 students held a major in finance while 15 majored in business. The next highest majors include biology with 8 and chemistry with 4. In addition, 16 students held a double major.  

At the beginning of the dinner, remarks were given by President Schutt who congratulated the students on earning excellence in the classroom and acknowledged the exciting trend that the number of A-Team honorees continue to increase each year. He also acknowledged 35 student-athletes that were repeat dinner attendees.  Remarks were then made by Faculty Athletic Representative Linda Horwitz, who acknowledged the honorees and also shared words of appreciation for the many contributions that Krebs Provost and Dean of Faculty Michael Orr, who will be departing the College at this summer, has made to the positive academic and athletic culture that exists amongst student-athletes and faculty and staff across campus.

When reflecting on the dinner, Director of Athletics Jackie Slaats noted that, "the A-Team dinner is a special tradition at the College. As a department we aspire to improve each year in both the classroom and in competition and clearly the success achieved this year by both the record-breaking number of attendees at the dinner and our teams surpassing the College record for number of combined victories in an academic year, make us proud.”

Members of the A-Team include:

David Aksoy Men's Golf Business
George Argiropoulos Men's Hockey Finance
Catherine Auger-Morin Women's Soccer Chemistry
Ariane Balaram Women's Cross Country Biology/Neurology
Kat Beall Softball Finance/Math
Melissa Bodine Women's Hockey Chemistry
Amanda Boisjolie Women's Hockey Biology
Amanda Brunges Women’s Hockey Biology
Finn Bunta Men's Soccer Math/Political Science
Caroline Campbell Women's Hockey Finance
Nolan Carothers Men's Hockey Undecided
Nipun Chauhan Men's Soccer Finance
Edward Cleary Football Finance
Drew Cleereman Men’s Hockey Finance
Michael Cole Football Business
Toni Corbani Women's Swimming & Diving Biology
Francesca Corrado Women's Handball English
Charles Courtney Football Biology
Kevin Curameng Football Finance/Political Science
Britt Dahlin Women's Soccer Undecided
Megan Dahlinger Softball Business/Sociology
Annie Dalton Women's Hockey Undecided
Louis-Philippe De Courcy Men's Hockey Finance
William Degnan Football Business
Davis DeKorte Men's Golf Finance
Boyd DiClemente Men’s Hockey Undecided
Brigit Dunne Women's Swimming & Diving Business
Shaye Gauthier Softball Finance
George Gerasimou Men's Hockey Finance
Molly Gniady Women's Track Undecided
Kayla Griffith Women's Hockey Biology
Olivia Grimmer Volleyball Undecided
Yaneli Guajardo Women's Track Undecided
Ethan Hare Men's Swimming & Diving Biology
Johanna Hendricksen Women's Soccer Neurology
Hannah Hiland Women's Basketball Business 
Sangjun Hornewer Women's Soccer Communication
Cassidy Hoyt Women’s Soccer Undecided  
Samuel Husting Men’s Basketball Finance 
Carlos Werner Izaguirre Men's Hockey Finance 
Jordan Jacob Men's Swimming & Diving Chemistry 
Grace Jacobson Women's Cross Country Spanish/International Relations
Quinn Jagodzinski Softball ARST/Business
Hannah Kalnicky Softball Business
Ani Karagianis Women's Swimming & Diving History/Sociology
Erin Karasewski Softball Business
William Kent Men's Hockey Business 
Abby King Softball Psychology/Neurology
Brenna Noch Women's Basketball Biology
Ryan Kruss Men's Hockey Finance 
John LaPonte Football Psychology
Grace Larson Volleyball Psychology 
Amanda Lee Women's Golf Undecided 
Cassandra Lira Women's Cross Country Finance/Spanish
Bron Loiselle Men's Hockey Finance
Julie Lord Women's Tennis Undecided
Kyler Magus Men's Hockey Undecided
Molly Major Women's Soccer Chemistry
Lily McCarthy Women's Swimming & Diving International Relations/Business
Luke McDermott Men's Basketball Finance/Math
Hector Mendoza Football Finance
Sadaf Naushad Women's Track Undecided
Shawn Nelson Men's Hockey Finance
Kara Norvet Women's Basketball Finance
Hannah O'Day Women's Basketball Business
Tyler O'Neill Men's Hockey Finance
Shelley Parat Women's Cross Country Environmental Studies/Spanish
Olivia Parrott Women's Cross Country Environmental Studies
Cole Ragan Scully Men's Swimming & Diving Math
Jan Roessler Men's Soccer Undecided
Maxwell Rohwedder Men's Golf Undecided
Alejandro Rubalcaba Serrano Men's Soccer Business/Spanish
Justin Salonga Football Finance 
Reed Scahill Men's Hockey Business
Ryan Shalosky Football Finance
Jacob Soyka Men's Golf Finance
Hannah Stinson Women's Swimming & Diving Biology/French
Chandler Straw Men's Handball Business
Julia Unterseher Women's Hockey Business
Jonathan Vargas Men's Handball Finance
Kyra Vidas Women's Handball Business/Communication
Zachary Wade Football Finance


Congratulations to this year’s A-Team!

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