The Icing on the Cake

The Icing on the Cake

Former Lake Forest College women's soccer student-athlete Becky Esrock '14 was recently named the 2014 Midwest Conference Woman of the Year. We sat down with Esrock to hear about her award, her experience as a student-athlete at Lake Forest and what she's been doing since graduation.

Click here to read the full release on Esrock's award. The Woman of the Year award honors graduating female student-athletes who have distinguished themselves throughout their collegiate careers in academics, athletics, service and leadership.

1. You were recently named the 2014 Midwest Conference Woman of the Year. What does this honor mean to you? 

This honor means a lot to me. It is neat to be recognized at the conference level regardless of sports and for an award that takes into account something beyond strictly athletic ability. It was hard sitting on the sidelines injured for the vast majority of the season, and just being nominated by Lake Forest meant a lot to me.

2. Talk about your athletic career as a member of the women’s soccer team at Lake Forest College. What was your favorite memory? What was your proudest moment?

My favorite memory was winning the conference championship. It was incredible to be a part of such a great team. No one individual on our championship team stood out. It was a complete team effort and took all of us giving 110%. I remember the time winding down and St. Norbert pressuring, and everyone stepped up and dug deep. Nothing compares to us winning that game and our whole team rushing the field with the final whistle.

3. You were an accomplished student in the classroom as well. What was your favorite class and why? What was your favorite professor and why?

I really enjoyed my money and banking class and both of my corporate finance classes. We discussed a number of items that are similar to the field that I am in, finance. It is hard for me to pick just one professor. I had so many professors at Lake Forest that had a huge impact on me and the career path that I chose. 

4. What advice would you give to fellow student-athletes on balancing academics and athletics?

Stay on top of things and work ahead. Get your work done during the day so you have less to do after practice.

5. What was the greatest lesson you took away from being a student-athlete at Lake Forest College?

I learned to manage my time.  I never mastered the art of doing work on the bus or on overnights, so I made sure to spend time during the day getting everything I needed to do done before we would leave.

6. You graduated in December as a double major in international relations and economics. What is your current job and what are your career aspirations?

I am working at an investment banking firm called Stifel Nicolaus. I work in the Public Finance department as an analyst. We provide investment banking services to school districts, universities, cities, states, non-profits and other entities with regard to debt instruments. I analyze new money opportunities, perform refunding analysis, respond to proposals for underwriting services, create credit presentations, etc. I am thinking about getting my MBA in the future. I enjoy public finance and especially like working with non-profits, so right now I would say the hope is to eventually become a banker in this sector.

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