Volleyball Player Tia Rupnik '13 "Digs" Her Second Chance

Volleyball Player Tia Rupnik '13 "Digs" Her Second Chance

Senior libero Tia Rupnik (Sheboygan, Wis./Sheboygan South) of the women's volleyball team is a team captain as well as the President of the Lake Forest College Athletic Council. As a education/mathematics double major, Rupnik transferred to Lake Forest after her freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It's a decision she doesn't regret as she wouldn't trade her experiences at Lake Forest for anything.

Rupnik recently spoke about her volleyball career at Lake Forest, her role as the President of the Lake Forest Athletic Council and her decision to attend Lake Forest after transferring from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

1. You transferred to Lake Forest after your first year at UW-Green Bay, what made you decide to transfer and are you happy with your decision?

After my freshman year at UW-Green Bay, as cliche as it may sound, I realized that it just wasn't a good fit. I felt disconnected to the school and was hungry for a greater academic challenge. Additionally, Lake Forest College offered me the opportunity to play both basketball and volleyball. Now in my senior year of college, I am happy to say that Lake Forest College was the right fit for me. I have immensely benefited from the small class sizes and rigorous courses offered here. The Athletic Department has blessed me with a volleyball team that I care the world about and other great opportunities, such as my involvement with Athletic Council. I have met so many great people here from all over the world and feel confident entering the "real world" in the near future. So yes, I am extremely happy with my decision.

2. In addition to competing for the Lake Forest Volleyball team and serving as a team captain, you are also the Athletic Council President. Talk about your role as the Athletic Council President and what’s been the most surprising as well as rewarding part about your role?

As Athletic Council President, I run our weekly meetings, help organize and plan events we host on campus, and serve as a communicator between the student body and the Athletic Department. What has been most surprising is how easy it is to take advantage of resources on campus and what a little proactivity can do to make things happen. The most rewarding part about my role is seeing non-athletes not only get involved with Athletics, but also feel welcome to partake in Athletic events on campus. 

3. Your older sister also played volleyball at Lake Forest, has that helped with the transition not only from high school to college but also after transferring schools?

My sister, Lisa Sturgill, is my best friend, my role model, and my biggest mentor. When I was looking for a school to transfer to, as soon as she offered the idea of transferring to Lake Forest College, I was hooked. She was also in the Education Department here and had nothing but great things to say. In my three years here, she has advised me with what classes to take, which professors to choose, and what groups to get involved with. However, she's also given me my space to make decisions on my own. Lisa is also one of my biggest fans, as she's been to the majority of my home volleyball games. I'm so thankful for all she's done for me in the past four years.

4. What is your favorite part about going to school at Lake Forest?

This is a really hard question to answer. At first, I'd like to say volleyball. But then I also love the people I have met here. But then my involvement on campus has been so memorable too. And it goes on and on. But to find a common ground in all these things, my favorite part about going to school at Lake Forest is actually intangible. My favorite part is that it has helped me learn things about myself and grow to become a confident woman. I have honestly developed a greater understanding of who I am and who I want to be.

5. Do you have any plans after graduation?   

My plan for after graduation is to do the Masters in Teaching Program at Lake Forest College.

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